Saturday, September 18, 2010

Only 1 1/2 weeks left

So I don’t know what happened to the past week. Well the past few days I’ve been curled up in the fetal position in bed. Before that, it was a usual Monday with rounds and Maternal Child Health (MCH) clinic. Not too bad actually. I was done for the day after about 2pm. That night I had dinner with a couple that one of the girls here knows through her program. They are affiliated with Moffet Bible College here and are nice people. Slow to converse with in the first 15 minutes you meet them but funny after that. The wife (Janet) is actually the musician for the church here and her husband teaches at Moffet. There house is located right in the compound with the college and is a nice house. They have a 2-3 bedroom house. The living room was nice/spacious with a piano and fireplace. They also had a TV, DVD player. It was the only other TV I’ve seen here besides the one in the airport and the one we use on our antepartum unit to play Christian music videos for the patients. We had a good dinner and then after dinner, she offered to let us watch a movie. This was like a small personalized gift from God.  They lead us into the office where there are probably 150 DVDs. The collection was more random than mine. Anything from Star Trek to Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) to Eureka and Firefly. I stood there happy like a kid at Christmas. In the end we decided to watch Sabrina (that’s what happens when three girls pick the movie).

Tuesday we had theater. We only had a TAH, a Cesrean section and Myomectomy. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that they myomectomy took three and a half hours. This uterus looked like the blob. She had over twenty fibroids and in the end we just couldn’t get them all. Hopefully it’ll help her fertility in the end. Fun case. I was on call that night and so was my intern. Before I left for the day I got to help my consultant do a vacuum assisted delivery. The best part about Tuesday was that night I didn’t get called once. No pages all night. The worst part about Tuesday was that I started getting a stomach ache that night but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Wednesday/Thursday: Rounds, theater (D&C, C-section), then I came back to the house to work on my presentation for our OB/GYN case presentation for Thursday. However, I spent the entire night curled up in my bed or in the bathroom all night. I'll spare you the details but I had the worst abdominal pain I’ve ever had. I thought I had anything and everything from pancreatitis, gallstones, perforated ulcer, toxic megacolon, worms. I even stayed home Thursday feeling the same way. I took some azithromycin, Immodium, and TUMS and stared to feel somewhat better. Janet came by the check on me Wednesday which was nice and I was also able to give her the presentation I worked on so that I didn’t feel totally bad for missing work on Thursday. I started to feel better Thursday night so that my housemates and I could still walk to Mama Chiku’s (the local restaurant) for dinner. I actually ate a bit. Then we went to the Supa Duka (market) and bought ice cream! So good! It tastes like cream. And only 60 shillings for a decent sized cup. Then we walked home and watched the Proposal. Nice dinner and a movie girls night.

Friday: The braids are back!!! I got my hair braided today. It only took 9 hrs compared to 14 hrs like last time. Plus it was only $15! That’s unheard of back home! I’m still getting use to the color…what do you think?


  1. oh! so sorry you weren't feeling well Dayna! Good to hear that you're feeling a bit better now :) LOVE the braids...I remember when I went to China I had them cut and straighten my hair before I came back, and it was only like $5...crazy!

    We miss you at potluck! Glad we'll have you back in not too long...and so good to hear about Kenya - that is so crazy that interns do so much early on! Necessity, I'm sure :) Come home safe! See you soon - Cat

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick - being sick in a foreign country is never fun. :o/

    I echo Cat in saying that we miss you!! I'm so glad that your time has been fun and you've been learning so much. If you need someone to pick you up from the airport, don't hesitate to let me know! - Rach

  3. Love the braids. Missing you at work. Glad to hear though, that you are having such an incredible experience there. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your time there!